Advanced People Search


Put trust in our advanced people search tools. Databackgroundcheck has been providing leading background check services for the past 15 plus years. We have everything needed to get the most comprehensive people search result possible to help you protect what’s important. Unlike other people check services that provides you with basic information, our services provide you real world vital data that helps you understand the person you are searching. This includes scrubbing for criminal, financial, and personal records of the candidate you are searching. You only have one time to you protect yourself. Get it right the first time.

Our data stretches far back into time which allows you to get the full scope of the person you are searching. Don’t get caught reading half of the story. Our people search services are comprehensive and provides you the full view of the person. Because each report is hand scrubbed by a professional researcher, we have the ability to follow leads and cross reference various databases to provide you with a true advanced report.

While most other firms provide basic reports that could readily be found online and are available to the public, our advanced people search services employs every strategy to gather as much relevant information as possible to assist you in understanding your subject person.

Our access to over 26 billion government records and the ability to have attorneys, inspectors, researchers, and law enforcement personnel generating your report ensures the most advanced level report possible. This has allowed us to become the preferred choice of families, employers, school districts, landlords and financial professionals. Our reports are chronological and by category and are intended for easy review.  Rest assured that when you need an advanced search of someone, one that goes beyond basic information, databackgrouncheck is your number one reliable source for everything data and research.

We recognize the value of vital data in your decision making process, which is why we hand scrub every background report to help you uncover unfound information. Violators of the law work very hard to remove their past records by moving state to state or changing aliases  in an attempt to create a new persona, however our advanced people search uncovers what they can’t remove, which is the truth. Our reports use local, state, federal, and continental data to create the larger picture of someone and provide you with new and old data. Find out the truth about someone even if they are actively trying to hide it.

As the original advanced people search company, we have the necessary tools, staff, and expertise to unearth little unknown facts or hidden information about your subject person. Databackgroundcheck has been providing services for families, employers, banks, religious institutions, schools and other institutions for the last 15 years and our confident that our advanced people search reports can protect your family, your assets, and your reputation.


Why Data Background Check?

  • 37 Billion Records
  • Hand Scrubbed for Accuracy
  • More Comprehensive Reports Compared to Competitors
  • No Report – No Charge
  • Access up to 90 Years of History
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Number #1 Background Check Provider for 16 years
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