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Tenant Screening

At Data Background Check we understand the importance of protecting your assets and reducing your liability. With over 15 years of experience and 26 Billion records in our database, which are updated every 24 hours, it is no wonder why our tenant background check reports are the most comprehensive in the industry.  Our firm unlike any other consists of the most prestigious attorneys, inspectors, and professional researchers.  Our elite database combined with an undeniable staff is what makes us stand apart from all the others in the industry.  Our diverse firm, which provides a wide range of background checks, has access to multiple databases and has the ability to cross reference searches.

Most Comprehensive Tenant Background Check

Tenant screening is the mostly commonly used tool to protect Landlords and their assets.  Our tenant background checks provide the most updated inclusive tenant screening reports that enable any landlord to determine eligibility for potential tenants.  Landlords must take precautionary steps and make sure they are receiving the most comprehensive tenant background checks every time a tenant is considered.

Reduce Your Liability

Since landlords are exposed to a tremendous amount of liability rental background checks are a must, but unfortunately not all tenant backgrounds checks are identical nor provide updated accurate information.  Many other companies claim to offer all inclusive rental background checks but sadly only provide you with information that is already available to the public.  In todays world landlords are exposed to liability more than ever and often find themselves in horrible situations, which typically lead to unfavorable financial lawsuits.  Landlords are regrettably sometimes forced to deal with tenants that loiter, make noise and disturb the peace, create nuisance to other tenants, don’t pay on time or don’t pay at all, etc.  For all these reasons and many more it is imperative that landlords protect themselves and rest assured they are receiving they most inclusive tenant screening.  At Data Background Check not only do we provide our clients with the most comprehensive tenant screening report that will surpass any other report like it, but will also ensure client satisfaction.

At Data Background Check we strive to be the Best and take pride in our work.  We understand that as a landlord you take risks when dealing with tenants and therefore have created customized tenant screening reports specifically tailored for landlords of any type of property whether commercial, residential, and mixed use.

Our foundation is based on two major principles, which is to provide our clients the best and most comprehensive tenant background checks and to ensure client satisfaction.  Our process is quit simple and is the key to our success!

Why Data Background Check?

  • 37 Billion Records
  • Hand Scrubbed for Accuracy
  • More Comprehensive Reports Compared to Competitors
  • No Report – No Charge
  • Access up to 90 Years of History
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Number #1 Background Check Provider for 16 years


“As a landlord, my ability to spot renters that can cause potential problems to my buildings are one of the most important things I can do. Data Background Check helps me find background information about potential renters to help me make the right decisions.”

rounded-portait-new James Kraner  Business Owner


''The choices I make as a businesswomen directly affects my bottom line and my ability to do business. Screening potential employees is a must for me to avoid unnecessary hiring, expenses, and potential lawsuits. That's why I use Data Background Check before hiring any employee.''

thumb_01_90_90 Martha Ables  Business Owner


''After I met what I thought was my perfect match from a dating website, I was ready to take the relationship to the next level until I ran a background check and discovered the guy I was dating had a serious criminal history. Thank goodness I used Data Background Check to screen his past because it would have been a serious mistake to have introduced him to my family and friends.''

headshot-circle_zpsnhbhtrv8 Alexis Mathews  Single Woman

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