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Employee Screening

You work hard at your business, so can pay for the things that matter. Protect your business and what’s important by conducting employee screening before hiring a new employee. As the preferred choice of school districts, corporations, small businesses, and landlords, we have what it takes to provide you with the most advanced employee screening services possible. With over 15 years conducting research for companies all across the globe, we have the necessary databases, research professionals and data experts to help you uncover vital information about the prospective employee you may hire.

The Information to Make the Right Decisions

You only have one time to get it right. Do not waste time or money by hiring the wrong employee that could hinder your business performance. Hiring the wrong employee could cost you thousands, lose you customers, and could even result in a lawsuit. With access to over 26 billion government records including local, state, federal, and continental records, we have the necessary data and manpower to provide you with truly advanced employee verification records.

Our employee screening process is intended to provide the employer with vital data such as criminal records, financial records, and personal records. Unlike standard employee screening services which typically only provide online generated reports, we go beyond the standard procedure by getting advanced level information that proves vital to your goals. This is significant as our employee verification process unearths important information even if an employee is actively trying to hide it.

Data that Goes Above the Industry Standard

We hand scrub every employment background check to verify accuracy and the completeness of the report. Half a report does you no good. This is why we take great pride in going above the employee screening standard by cross referencing all databases and leads with each other to provide you with the most comprehensive report possible.

Even if an employee has changed aliases, moved from state to state, or is attempting to hide their background, our screening services will find out the truth. What other employee screening services do not mention to you is that there reports are automatically generated, whereas our reports are individually prepared to include all data, rather than just a portion of the data. Because of our advanced researching team, we have the ability to generate all reports including employment records, criminal records, driving records, drug records and financial records.

Our Investigators Leave Nothing to Chance

We recognize the value of data in your search to find the right employer, which is why we have created the most advanced employee screening process possible. Whether the employee is young, old, or in between, our 15 plus years in the industry has prepared us in creating the most advanced employment verification process as possible. Because our teams of experts are comprised of investigators, lawyers, and professional researchers, there is nothing a would-be assailant could prevent us from finding out.

Leave nothing to your chance because your business depends on it.

Why Data Background Check?

  • 37 Billion Records
  • Hand Scrubbed for Accuracy
  • More Comprehensive Reports Compared to Competitors
  • No Report – No Charge
  • Access up to 90 Years of History
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Number #1 Background Check Provider for 16 years


“As a landlord, my ability to spot renters that can cause potential problems to my buildings are one of the most important things I can do. Data Background Check helps me find background information about potential renters to help me make the right decisions.”

rounded-portait-new James Kraner  Business Owner


''The choices I make as a businesswomen directly affects my bottom line and my ability to do business. Screening potential employees is a must for me to avoid unnecessary hiring, expenses, and potential lawsuits. That's why I use Data Background Check before hiring any employee.''

thumb_01_90_90 Martha Ables  Business Owner


''After I met what I thought was my perfect match from a dating website, I was ready to take the relationship to the next level until I ran a background check and discovered the guy I was dating had a serious criminal history. Thank goodness I used Data Background Check to screen his past because it would have been a serious mistake to have introduced him to my family and friends.''

headshot-circle_zpsnhbhtrv8 Alexis Mathews  Single Woman

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