Having a Portion of the Background Check is Like Not Having One at All

You only have one chance to protect yourself. Do not risk bringing any unscrupulous individuals into your life by relying on an incomplete background report. You need to know everything about the subject person you are searching. This is why we are the number one provider of advanced background checks. It’s because our reports are the most complete report available. Where other companies simply provide you with public data that could be compiled online, our team of researchers provides all information including criminal, financial, and personal data. Our researchers utilize local, state, federal, and international records to help searchers find all the information they require.

Our team of investigators, attorneys, and advanced database managers tirelessly work 24 hours a day 7 days a week to continually update our ever growing database of 27 billion records. We are the largest single source of data. Period. With over 15 plus years developing our database systems, we have the tools, manpower, and experience to find all vital information about the subject person whom you are searching, helping us create the most advanced background check available. Even if a subject is actively trying to cover their history by changing aliases, moving state to state to avoid detection, our team will find the truth. No subject can out-man our team.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Do not leave anything to chance. Your family, assets, and reputation are on the line. Our access to over 26 billion government records, with the combination of our professional researchers gives you the advantage you need to protect yourself from criminals, identity thieves, and other unscrupulous people. Our advanced background check system leaves nothing to chance. As the longest serving background check company, we know what it takes to uncover vital information, even when the subject person you are searching is trying to hide it.

What the would-be assailants cannot hide are the facts. Even if the subject person changed names, moved from another state or country, or is trying to hide something, we can help you uncover the truth. Because our databases go back as far as 90 years, if they have committed a felony, crime, or other unholy activity, we will find it.  Do not use other services that only provide you with half of the story. You only have one chance to get it right. Use our advanced background check reporting and feel confident in knowing you have all the information necessary to make the best decisions.

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