Sex Offenders in My Area


Data background check has the largest sex offender list anywhere. With over 37 billion handscrubbed records and counting, you can be sure no registered sex offender can evade the truth.

We understand why you conduct sex offenders in my area searches. It’s to protect the people you love and care about the most. Don’t leave anything to chance. Conduct your search today.

Sex offenders are individuals who have been found guilty of offenses including rape, sexual abuse, sexual crimes, possessing and/or distributing child pornography, and other sexual abuses. When the people you care about need your protection, don’t leave it to chance by relying on a partial background check report that only provides you with half the truth. Get the whole story.

Our data goes back as far as 80 years, which means there is no person who can prevent detection on our sex offender list.

Data background check has been at the forefront lobbying for the strongest sentencing and public disclosure policies available for the last 15 years. We aim to give parents, school districts, and landlords the tools they need to prevent sex offenders from entering their lives.

Our sex offender reports include everything you need about the individual you are searching including their name, aliases, offense type, date of offense, pictures, and a detail overview of all vital information relating to their record.

You have a lot to protect and we understand. Protect what’s important today.

Why Data Background Check?

  • 37 Billion Records
  • Hand Scrubbed for Accuracy
  • More Comprehensive Reports Compared to Competitors
  • No Report – No Charge
  • Access up to 90 Years of History
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Number #1 Background Check Provider for 16 years
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